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Kamado Showmaker is a business initiative founded in 2013, a registered brand under the CORPORACION VIALIBRE ARTE COLOMBIA banner. Kamado creates, designs, & produces large-scale shows & stages artistic performances for people, events, & business looking to communicate and express their brand.  We seek to harmonize the component parts that constitute the development of a live event, including the artistic, technical, & logistical elements of staging an event.


We are a focused, core team that has accumulated more than 30 years of experience in the events industry. We have participated in events in more than 18 countries and brought to the stage the dreams & ideas of those who have trusted us with their vision. The result is our high quality resume of clients,. Your experience will be enhanced by our strongest and most reliable ally, the rich artistic talent present in Colombia. The talent allows us the flexibility & capability to continue providing the perfect team for each spectacle that we produce.

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