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"Imagine Medellín”


Simbiosis is a show that takes its inspiration from the City of Medellin. For the first time ever, it will bring together four leading dance companies in the city, in a performance of love, loneliness and celebration. In the moonlit streets of Medellin, urban rhythms will come together with salsa, tango, porro, flamenco and other types of dance. You are invited to join us in a world where fantasy meets reality, a world that will make you connect with the city you love.


Date: Jueves 28 de abril del 2016

Time: 7:30 pm

Place: Teatro Pablo Tobón Uribe



Contact details:

Tel: 219 2082 – 313 685 3378

www.kamadoshowmaker.com direccion@kamadoshowmaker.com mercadeokamado@gmail.com



With help from:

Ritmo Extremo, El Balcón de los Artistas, Contradanza Juan Rúa y la Jarana, con la producción artística de Kamado Showmaker.

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