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Juan Camilo Maldonado is an artist who has for over 20 years has dedicated himself to cultural work as a dancer, choreographer, teacher, manager, director, and artistic producer. His main focus has been the development of educational projects, ranging from dance training, leadership, & cultural entrepreneurship to business advice and event production & creation.

Juan Camilo was the Artistic Director of the Desfile de Silleteros & the Carnaval de Luces, Mitos y Leyendas of the City of Medellin during their respective 2013 productions.

He has successfully directed more than 40 choreographic productions and 13 complete large format works  for different dance companies in Colombia. The productions were made with different dance companies across Colombia, several of which have received commendations from the Office of the Mayor of Medellin and the Colombian Ministry of Culture. The performances have been on stage in more than 18 countries across the Americas, Asia & Europe.




  • Master in Business Administration - Executive MBA from the Escuela de Administración de Empresas (EAE) in Barcelona, Spain

  • Specialist in Management from the Universidad CEIPA in Medellín

  • Bachelor in Aesthetic Education from the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (UPB) in Medellin

  • Graduated in Folk Dance at the Escuela Popular de Arte (EPA) in Medellín

  • Diploma in Contemporary Dance at the same institution and Diploma in Stagecraft with emphasis on Sound at the Universidad Francisco José de Caldas, Faculty of Arts ASAB (Ministry of Culture of Colombia, Bogotá)


He has received training in classical ballet, modern, contemporary, tap, flamenco and ballroom dancing from prestigous international masters and from institutions such as Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, the Contemporary Dance Company of Cuba, the Ballet of Cuba & Steps On Broadway, among others.


He was the Co-founder and Director of La Red de Danza Ciudad de Medellin from its inception in 2004 until 2008, the Founder and Manager of the Corporacion Vialibre Arte Colombia, and was the CEO of the Unidad Artística del Ballet Folclórico de Antioquia de Colombia from 2005 to 2012.


Today, Juan Camilo is dedicated to developing the Kamado Showmaker brand, applying the experience & expertise he has gained in the creation, design & staging of shows & events, as well as working as a Consultant to the Industrias Creativas y Culturales de Colombia (ICC).

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