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Event Calendar

Local Events

Huellas Folclóriada Medellín 2016
Festival de Danza Folclórica

Kamado organizes ShowMaker - CVLAC .


This initiative seeks to make more visible the artistic work of folk dance groups as an expression that conveys the country's culture and its roots through traditional proposals and more contemporary ways of interpreting it .

City Public Places Free entrance


Central Gala on October 7

Teatro Pablo Tobon Uribe

$ 25,000

Reports: 219 2082


Medellín - Antioquia
Septiembre 30 al  09 Octubre

Ritual de Luz
El Quinto Elemento

Kamado organizes ShowMaker - CVLAC .


Master of Light , Motivational Speaker , Specialist Feng Shui for the Soul , Tarot, numerology , Rituals and activations , Predictions .

Teatro Pablo Tobón Uribe


Medellín - Antioquia
Octubre 19

National - International Events

With the participation of Ballet Folklorico de Antioquia

Adolescentes Danza

 This dance collective features teenage partners aged between 11 and 16 years old. Their dance performance has its roots in folkloric dance. The performance lasts 6 minutes, and the theme is ´Forbidden Dance´.


Gira Municipios - Colombia.




29th Lab Forum

For 28 consecutive years the Lab Forum has been a space for training dance coaches, who are dedicated to the study, practice and relfection of the art of dance. This time, the theme is Improvised Folkloric Dance, which seeks to stimulate the artist’s imagination, creating a space for exchanging ideas between creators and experts in the field.


Funza - Colombia




Estilos Danza en Pareja
13º Temporada internacional itinerante

A touring event that moves to a new country each year. Its aim is to provide a platform for accomplished dance partners of high artistic and technical ability. They realise a choreographic piece of 6 minutes, giving the director enough scope to create a work that showcases many different dance styles in the same event (folklore, neoclassical ballet, urban dance, afro Caribbean dance, contemporary dance, amoung others).


Date and location to be confirmed.




13th International Symposium 
Maestros del Baile en Pareja

International event that takes place in a different country each year, where accomplished dance partners, directors, dance teachers and other important figures present traditional folkloric dances.


Bogotá – Colombia
25th November – 5th December





Posthumous hommage to one of the most important dancers in the country, who dedicated his life and work to Colombian folkloric dance.


Teatro Bellas Artes - Bogotá / Colombia
29th November

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